From the Principal's Desk:

Gayatri Dash   Principal


Dear Parents and Children,

It had always been my dream work in a school where we make our children not only self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-disciplined but also having values within them that would help them to be a complete human being.

I had envisioned a school full of greenery where children are in sync with nature Valuing human relations, absorbing practical life - skills are some of the traits that our children should foster using their hearts, hands and minds. Along with their intellectual development, there should be aesthetic sensibility and self - building. By this I mean getting back to grassroots developing skills like stitching, painting, building, creating, writing, etc. There is HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT in he TRUE SENSE at Modern Public School. As Modern Public School surges ahead we look forward to building a wonderful relationship.

Thank You

" We symbolise the fundamental form of knowledge & learning for refinement and discipline of human intellect. "

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